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Phase 1, Family Buckets Have Reached 395 Families’ Hands

395 Family Buckets packages finally arrived in Lombok on early Sunday (26/8). As the sun rose, 11 trucks contained of the packages prepared for 395 families (approximately 1580 people) began to travel to 3 locations in Gangga sub-district, North Lombok. Volunteers from SAR Mapala Muhammadiyah team have given so much help this time.

There were smiles when evacuees in Bulan Semu hamlet hand on hand in Family Bucket distribution process (Photo: Edward Angimoy)

The first distribution was carried out at the Sankukun hamlet evacuation camp, in Genggelang village. There were 138 families who were forced to evacuate to some tarpaulin tents as almost all of their houses were destroyed by the 7 SR earthquake on August 5, 2018.


The second one took place in Bulan Semu hamlet, also in Genggelang village. The situation faced by 136 families here is almost the same as in the previous camp, very limited. At the time of the distribution, some small earthquakes continued to occur.


After two camps, the third distribution was held in Kuripan hamlet, Rempek village. Somewhat different from the two previous centralised-camps, the evacuees consisting of 121 families here chose to stay in tarpaulin tents in front of their collapsed house.


While the distribution was taking place, our partner Yayasan Pulih held a number of psychological assistance activities for children and women in each camps mentioned. From their smiles and laughter, children seem to enjoy each process. And also for the women who were invited to practice how to calm down when stress began to haunt.


In almost of each chat with the evacuees, they were endlessly grateful and saying big thank you to all who have made this aid bucket happened. Some of them also added, this Family Bucket system is better because it’s more fair and effectively meet their needs. (Ed)