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Phase 1 of Family Bucket Distribution Has Reached 460 Families in Sigi

Following the Emergency Response due to earthquake, tsunami and liquefaction that hit Palu, Donggala and Sigi in Central Sulawesi, IDEP partners with Yayasan Panorama Alam Lestari (YPAL) to provide basic needs for survivors during their uncertain displacement period in evacuation camps. All the basic needs are packed in Family Bucket contains of healthy foods, sanitary products, medicine, shelter kits, cutlery and disaster-related educational media. For years, IDEP uses this effective aid package model in other disaster-affected areas all over Indonesia.

In the distribution process, each families will be ensured to receive the buckets (Photo: Gde Sugiarta)

After previously distributing foods and shelter kits along with assesments in some affected areas in Donggala and Sigi subdistricts, IDEP and YPAL started out the Phase 1 of Family Bucket distribution on October 31, 2018. Bulubete village in Sigi was the destination. The buckets were distributed herein to meet 460 families (approximately 1,840 people) needs for two weeks in estimation.

A smiley family and their bucket (Photo: Gde Sugiarta)

Bulubete was one of the villages affected by 7.4-magnitude earthquake and aftershocks which led to eleven people died, dozens were injured and almost 80% of houses were severely damaged. Losing their houses have forced the inhabitant to evacuate to temporary tents built around their collapsed houses. There were no suffice help got in and received by them as the village is located in remote area.

Collapsed houses in Bulubete (Photo: Edward Angimoy)

In addition to distribution, IDEP and YPAL also invited children into a number of psychological assistance and education activities on how to dealing with disaster. Meanwhile, on the night before distribution, evacuees were also invited to the movie screening played some disaster-related educational videos produced by IDEP. The knowledge and experiences shared from the videos are expected to raising awareness on how to be always prepared before the disaster.

Children were playing some educational games (Photo: Gde Sugiarta)

Thank you to Caritas Germany for supporting this phase 1 distribution. Click here to support this relief effort. Visit IDEP on Facebook to see more updates from the field. (Ed)