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Phase 2, Family Buckets Have Reached 663 Families in North Lombok

Last Saturday (8/9), IDEP Foundation distributed Family Buckets and other relief packages (food supplies, shelter equipment and clean water filters) to 663 families (approximately 2.652 people) scattered in 3 evacuation camps in North Lombok. It took from morning to night to finish it.

One family among others in Bentek hamlet were smiling as they found out what is in Family Bucket (Photo: Edward Angimoy)

The first distribution was held in Bentek hamlet, Pemenang sub-district. There are 250 families who live here in temporary tents and huts they built from the remaining materials they could find from their collapsed houses.

The second distribution was held in Sambik Jengkel Parigi hamlet, Kayangan sub-district. There are 188 families who live here. Mostly, they live in the evacuation centrered-tents. Only a few who built temporary huts in front of their collapsed houses just like in Bentek. This hamlet is used to be one of the commodity producer (corn, chili, peanuts etc.) sorrounded by many gardens along the main road. But eversince the quake, their gardens drought as the water dam and irrigation channel is also damaged.

The third distribution was held in Dompo Indah hamlet, also in Kayangan sub-district. This hamlet is neighboring with Sambik Jengkel Parigi. There are 215 families who live here. Among the other two hamlets, Dompo Indah was the one that lost the most because of death from the earthquake, 16 people died here.

A man was carrying Family Bucket on his shoulder before his collapsed house (Photo: Edward Angimoy)

As seen in those three hamlets, almost all the houses and buildings there are collapsed due to the 7 Richter scale earthquake that rocked Lombok on August 5, 2018. For the safety and also trauma reasons, thousands of people were forced to living in temporary tents to avoid the earthquake that might be happened again. But unfortunelately, living in those evacuation tents put them in a very limited condition for lack of food supplies, clean water, sanitation needs, baby needs, shelter equipments and electricity.

That is why, when the distribution was taking place, the evacuees of the three hamlets were constantly saying thank you very much to the donors, supporters and all who have helped to ease their burdens by delivering any kind of relief efforts while they’re staying in evacuation camps for uncertain time.

A doctor from Bumi Sehat Foundation was doing the health check-up (Photo: Edward Angimoy)
A number of games for children were organised by a psychologist from Yayasan Pulih (Photo: Edward Angimoy)

Besides the distribution, our two partners also organise other important activities; Yayasan Bumi Sehat conducted health check-up and Yayasan Pulih held psychological assistance for children. (Ed)

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