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Post-Harvest Processed Products for Generating Family Income (Part 2)

After Semaya hamlet, on August 9, 2019, IDEP organized another Post-harvest Product Processing training for housewives in two hamlets in Nusa Penida, namely Tanglad and Banjar Mawan. The housewives are those who have previously been actively participated in the Family Home-Garden development program that IDEP is working on in four villages on the island.

Participants in Tanglad hamlet on the sidelines of the training (Photo: IDEP)

With this training, they are ready to produce processed products such as vegetable chips, dried herbs, and virgin coconut oil (VCO) from their home-garden harvest. These products can then be sold to generate income for their families.

Trainer Sayu from IDEP (left) is showing the examples of post-harvest products to participants in Banjar Mawan hamlet (Photo: IDEP)