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Sanitation Package for Health Workers in Kemenuh Village

Given the high risk of health workers serving in this COVID-19 pandemic, on 27 May we also distributed sanitation packages to the Kemenuh Village Health Center (Puskesmas Pembantu), Gianyar, Bali. This package contains PPE, handwashing stations and antiseptic soaps, hand sanitizer, disinfectant liquid along with sprayers, vitamins, and educational media related to clean-healthy behavior and COVID-19.

Prior to this distribution, the two health workers in this health center had never received any support to protect themselves in their daily service (Photo: Edward Angimoy)

In this health center, two health workers must work daily without adequate equipment to serve more than 11 thousand villagers. Hopefully, the package can help them to reduce their vulnerability. Thanks to medico international, The Ashmore Foundation, AVITerra Water Indonesia, and all the individual donors who have supported this relief effort to happen. Visit IDEP on Facebook Page for more stories and photos. (Ed)