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Self-Supporting Recovery through Family Home-Garden in Saloya Village

On 30-31 August 2019, IDEP held a training on family home-garden management using the permaculture method for 25 housewives in Saloya village, Donggala, Central Sulawesi. By managing the KPK, they are expected to be able to meet their family needs of healthy food while recovering after being hit by the M 7.4 earthquake in September 2018. If the harvest is surplus, they can sell it to generate income for the family.

Making natural compost and pesticide using natural materials in the neighborhood (Photo: Fadhil Abdullah)

During the 2-day training, the housewives were introduced to permaculture as an environmentally friendly agriculture system. By using materials that are available in their neighborhood, they were also invited to directly practice how to test soil fertility, make liquid fertilizers and natural pesticides, seed-saving, and build a permaculture garden in one of their home-yards. At the end of the day, each of them also received the package of agricultural equipment which they can use to start the family home-garden with their family.

After the training, the housewives will apply to make home garden in their own yard (Photo: Fadhil Abdullah)

This training is part of the post-disaster recovery program that IDEP is currently working on in partnership with YPAL Poso in Donggala and Sigi. Two weeks earlier, IDEP also held a Disaster Risk Reduction training to a number of village representatives. (Ed)