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Starting 2017 of Sustainable Tourism through Purposeful Yoga

Bali is a popular destination for holistic tourism, involving yoga classes. Thousands of people visit the island each year to enjoy this popular activity. On the 1st of January, practicing yoga at Yoga Barn will help to save Bali’s freshwater and start the “2017 UN Year of Sustainable Tourism” with spiritual giving.

A few months ago, a teacher from Yoga Barn had donated to BWP and the idea started to grow that an association with the best yoga centre in Bali would be an amazing match. Yoga is a practice that involves more than physical exercise. It also has a meditative and spiritual core as well strong connection to nature. Water being the cornerstone of Bali’s spirituality, they offered us the possibility to organize a fundraising event to save the source of life:

“We want to support your cause with a special New Year Day Fundraiser here at The Yoga Barn. This fits in nicely with all of the interest and concern we have had over the Water Protector. It is very important work and we are happy to support it!” said Janice O’Callaghan, Yoga Barn’s Programming & Event Manager

The 1st of January from 10 am to 12pm, water lovers will have the possibility to grant their minds and bodies a healthy start of 2017 through yoga while participating to save Bali’s freshwater. Indeed, 100% of the Rp. 200 000 ticket will be donated to the Bali Water Protection program, helping us to be one step closer to restore the damaging aquifer.

.Yoga Barn is definitely the most popular yoga centre in Bali thanks to the high quality of the teaching, and its dedication to protect the environment in Bali is powerful: “Here at The Yoga Barn we are standing with Water Protectors around the world. It has become increasingly clear how very important it is worldwide to take care of this most precious resource, water” says the event page.

This fundraising event is for IDEP and the BWP program is a wonderful way to start our 2017 efforts to promote water as the most critical focus for all tourism actors in Bali.  Sustainable Tourism is a priority of the United Nations and its 70th General Assembly has designated 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development  with the aim ‘to support a change in policies, business practices and consumer behavior towards a more sustainable tourism sector”.

With more than 65% of Bali’s freshwater used in the tourism industry, it is critical for more businesses to join Yoga Barn in sponsoring the Bali Water Protection program . In order to secure the minimum of US$100,000 we need to implement BWP, we hope that every business benefiting from tourism influx will include BWP as part as their Corporate Social Responsibility. IDEP has a range of pioneer sponsoring levels that can be discussed on case-to-case basis.

Happy end of 2016 and….Happy New Year of Sustainable Tourism!

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