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The Body Shop® Indonesia Joins The Bali Water Protection Program

 IDEP Foundation recently announced a new pioneer sponsor for the Bali Water Protection program (BWP): The Body Shop® Indonesia. On top of the donation, the Body Shop® will assist IDEP to develop BWP with the long-term goal of saving Bali’s freshwater. When IDEP’s officer dedicated to the Bali Water Protection met Ibu Suzy Hutomo, The Body Shop® Indonesia’s Chairwoman, it was a mutual match. Only two hours were necessary to convince her that the Bali Water Protection program needed the biggest sponsorship level offered by IDEP: the Pioneer Sponsor of BWP. This level of sponsorship involves the donation of US$ 10,000 (IDR 130,000,000). This is the highest commitment a business can take to protect Bali’s freshwater, as BWP is the best chance to ensure that the province of Bali will have enough water in years to come.

The Bali Water Protection program will be advertised in all The Body Shop® stores in Bali outlets and support fundraising through customer’s donation for a two months period, September to October 2017. This partnership falls under company’s ongoing campaign “Enrich Not Exploit™, It’s In Our Hands”, a commitment to “enriching people as well as our planet, its biodiversity and resources” as highlighted on their official website

Part of this commitment involves a subprogram “Enrich our Planet” as well as “Enrich our Products”, which involves the reduction of each product water footprint. BWP is a way to outsourcing water footprint, but ultimately it’s all about care!

The targets intend to sustain the overall “progress towards our ultimate aim of being the world’s most ethical and truly sustainable global business” said The Body Shop®. The full manifesto can be accessed here.

Thanks to The Body Shop® to make this sponsorship possible, and our sincere gratitude to Ibu Suzy Hutomo. She is currently living in Bali and has a strong passion for protecting the environment. She is also a board member of Greenpeace Indonesia and her schedule is always full of personal appearances in eco-related events as well making social media articles about our responsibility to care for nature. ( ).


Ibu Suzy Hutomo’s visit to IDEP’s permaculture garden was once again the illustration of her passion for organic products and we were delighted to receive her encouragements to help local farmers to use organic seeds.

IDEP team & Suzy Hutomo in front of the recharge well

 It was also the opportunity for us to show her our demonstration recharge well and to explain how it works thanks to our informative billboard.

It is always a pleasure to work with business leaders who takes companies to the next level and truly commit to the motto People Planet Profit. We need more inspirational people person like Ibu Suzy Hutomo in order to pursue the change of corporate from a solely profit-oriented mindset to an attitude of respect towards human beings and the planet we live on.