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TrashStock Festival “Musik-Artistik-Plastik” Altering Ugly Plastic Into Valuable Artwork – Preventing Further Pollution Creatively

Plastic has become environment’s nemesis since its discovery, and the war between our environment and our greedy desire to use plastic seems imbalanced. Can you imagine, non-degradable, toxic, and massively produced and used product, and majorly used by Bali market, is also number one health and environmental problem in our beloved “Island of Gods”?

We produce exceedingly more than 240 tons of solid waste per day. PER DAY! And throwing it away to the river, ocean, ricefields, on the soil, and even on the road, causes devastating environmental problems to this beautiful island. In addition, emissions from garbage combustion in public places contribute directly to air pollution in Bali.

But most of the problems above are not about the plastic itself. Obviously, this problem arises just because of the habit of the humans who aren’t able to use the plastic wisely, especially in the practice of the waste management. Bali dumpsite in South area now turn into an artificial hills made of garbage, and with the amount of population increasing every single day (not to mention the amount of tourists that heavily increases every single year), we definitely need extra effort to manage our plastic waste.

Beach and river clean up; campaign to ban the usage of plastic within the market; plastic bag diet; and many other personal efforts are necessary for us to be able take part in reducing the usage of plastic and pollution area. But most of Balinese, as also most of Indonesian also need inclusive, interactive, and able to added some value to their effort in not using plastic per se for protecting the pride of Bali tourism industry.

The importance of adding more value and making up the image of ugly plastic waste were implemented correctly by these two pioneers from Bali and France, celebrating plastic waste! TrashStock “Musik-Artistik-Plastik” is a form of festival integrating all creative aspects of recycling and upgrading plastic waste to create a different image of plastic garbage.

Exploiting all kinds of art form, the festival is intended to enrich local Balinese with the knowledge of how to discover the hidden value of plastic garbage. TrashStock 2016 will accommodate various types of art created by artists and well-known musicians from Bali, West Java, France, and Japan. Through this exhibition, the event aims to attract and trigger the artistic side of Balinese youth to engage them with the issue creatively. Furthermore, adding economical benefit out of garbage is something that future generation needed to resolve with plastic management problems.

This event also try to create an open space and indulge dialogue between artists, activists, and the community of Bali to bring up plastic pollution issue on a common ground. Taman Baca Kesiman selected by the committee as the main venue for the festival. TrashStock 2016 formulating an inclusive and interactive activities that will educate Balinese to have more awareness towards the act of waste management and adding positive value to Bali plastic crisis. Check out their page and find out more.

This year, IDEP Foundation will take part as one of the contributor and the charity receiver for TrashStock 2016. As one of our concerns and one of the principles in permaculture, waste management is highly important. The idea to not throwing it away, instead adds up more value to it. To support this interactive yet creative approach, IDEP will present as content contributor, by screening an animated movie “Mina’s Village Series” produced by ACCU (Asia/Pacific Culture Center for UNESCO).

Profit from the whole event will be given to support greater cause to protect Bali environment out of plastic. TrashStock Festival will donate their profits from the event to Mr. Budi Susila, a teacher from Tabanan that introduce a creative way to upcycle plastic cups and bottles into various types of artwork, such as bags, hats, etc.

The other half of the profit will go to Bali Water Protection (BWP) program created by IDEP Foundation and Politeknik Negeri Bali (PNB) to protect Bali’s ground water from salt-water intrusion that may lead to water crisis. The donation itself will directly support the educational comic book production and distribution from “Adopt A River”, Sub-program of Bali Water Protection Program.

Creative and inclusive effort to tackle down plastic waste issue is importantly needed, especially when we are talking about garbage pollution in the surface water of Bali. Thus, Bali Water Protection program understands fully the idea of including multimedia and educational comic book (created by local artist)  in the campaign material to be distributed to local schools located along Bali rivers. Ulitimately, we aim to encourage them to protect and become heroes of their rivers.

Join us there

To find out more about TrashStock “Musik-Artisik-Plastik” 2016, you may access their page here. You may also contact Hendra Arimbawa (+62 82 33 959 7441 | email:

TrashStock “Musik-Artistik-Plastik” 2016
16 – 17 July 2016
@ Taman Baca Kesiman