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Waterbom Bali Going Further in Protecting Bali’s Freshwater

Waterbom Bali has been a very supportive sponsor of the Bali Water Protection program as their wristband donation program towards saving Bali’s freshwater is extremely successful. Nowadays, they are also directly recharging the underground water tables thanks to their newly built recharge well.

Since November 2016, Waterbom Bali is asking every customer to support Bali Water Protection (BWP) program by donating their wristband’s deposit and, if very generous, what would be left in the wristband.

The water park takes full responsibility for its water usage. As discussed with Waterbom’s GM, Sayan Gulino, “We are a water park and recognize we are a significant user of water. We do however treat water as a precious resource and take our responsibility to conserve Bali water seriously”. We are still impressed by the public commitment done by Sayan Gulino on the stage of TedX Ubud in 2014 for its talk ‘Running Out of Water, Running Out of Time”.

The partnership between IDEP and Waterbom is very symbiotic as their mission is to be the first Eco-sustainable company in the water park industry and environmentally aware on a consistent sustainable basis. They rely on BWP to offset what technology can hardly solve: evaporation from the pools. On the technical side of things, Waterbom has worked closely with Mantra Environmental Consulting to ensure that their improvements are quantifiable, with a mindset of long term sustainability of their business practices across water, waste and energy reduction.

Water saving efforts within the park already include a close-circuit water system, the use of timed, low-flow taps and the recycling of grey water for garden use.

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The last addition to the park’s sustainability infrastructure is a recharge well similar to the one we have built at IDEP office. This recharge well is strategically located to ensure the channeling of water into the ground rather than losing it as run-off. While BWP’s research to determine the exact location of the 136 wells we will built in Bali has not been done yet, BWP technical adviser and Mantra’s CTO Maitri Fischer made sure that Waterbom’s location was suitable for aquifer recharge.