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Consumer Awareness Event


Consumer Awareness Event

Thanks to VECO Indonesia’s support, IDEP Foundation, in cooperation with Bali Organic Association (BOA), Environmental Education Centre Bali (PPLH) has carried out a Consumer Awareness Campaign that has involved many new activities and event. One recent event the “Consumer Awareness Gathering” that was held at IDEP Garden and Learning Centre. This event aimed to create a more critical awareness among …

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Disaster Ready Trainings

As many people know, most islands of Indonesia are susceptible to earthquakes. Located on the collision point of the Indo-Australian and Eurasian tectonic plates, the archipelago is also known as “The ring of fire”, which does not refer to a particularly “hot curry dish”, but to the high level of tectonic activity that results in …

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The Magic of Mangroves

Mangrove forests are important habitat for fish and they also help protect coastal communities from land erosion, floods and tsunamis. Despite this, mangrove forests in Indonesia are being destroyed at an alarming rate. In fact, 71 percent of Indonesian mangrove forests have already been damaged [1]. The quest to plant over 100,000 trees In 2012, …

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Introduction To Permaculture Training

IDEP friends, We invite you to join permaculture master Sayu Komang for a permaculture basics course on October 1 – 2, 2013. This ‘Intro to Permaculture’ course provides a solid foundation to growing your own food. Held over two days, the course covers: ·     What is permaculture?·     Ethics and principles of permaculture·     Healthy soil·     Composting·     …

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Seeds Of Change

BOEING – Bangli Farmer – I Ketut Suratna, 47 years old, Tamanbali Village, Bangli Pak Suratna’s family has been farming the same rice paddy in Desa Tamanbali for generations. At 47, he fondly remembers joining his parents in the rice field. Little has changed in rice farming methods since then, except for one thing – …

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Introduction To Permaculture Training

Hai teman-teman IDEP, kami mengundang anda untuk berpartisipasi dalam pelatihan “Pengenalan Permakultur” bersama pelatih senior kami Wayan Suartana. Pelatihan dua hari ini akan mencakup topik: – Filosofi permakultur– Identifikasi kesuburan dan rehabilitasi tanah– Pembuatan kompos– Desain kebun rumah tangga– Pembuatan kebun vertikal/kebun perkotaan– Pembibitan tanaman– Pengendalian hama terpadu Wayan Suartana sudah berkecimpung dalam dunia permakultur …

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