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Oct 07

Seed Saving Project

IDEP is currently collaborating with 11 farmers from Bangli to produce a variety of local organic seeds (at least 50% from Bali). Also, IDEP assists farmers in sustainable and organic seed production by training farmers and aiding them in the packaging, marketing, and distribution of seeds.

Seed saving is a traditional farming practice of growing and storing seeds or reproductive parts of plants, such as roots or shoots, to use from year to year. Right now, thousands of plant species are being lost to unsustainable farming practices, including the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO's). Seed saving maintains a variety of fruits and vegetables and the plants they grow into are healthier and safe to eat.

IDEP has trained our partner farmers in Bangli on organic seed saving methods such as natural open pollination techniques and sustainable farm design. Also, IDEP has provided these farmers with affordable loans to purchase equipment needed for seed saving. After seeds are harvested, IDEP buys the seeds from the farmers providing a secure income to ensure funds for future crops and distributes the seeds to the public through a network of outlets. To ensure quality seed preservation, IDEP monitors farms.

Currently, farmers are produce 33 types of vegetable seeds. Please see a list of seeds for purchase here.


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