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Disaster Preparedness

IDEP believes that in disaster prone countries like Indonesia every child has a right to disaster preparedness education because we know that it saves lives.

IDEP has developed a range of disaster preparedness activities for students and teachers in schools. These activities have two aims: to prepare schools to respond to disasters, and to develop a culture of disaster preparedness in schools and their communities across Indonesia.

Ensuring a school is ready to act, involves designing evacuation and disaster response plans, conducting drills and teaching students and teachers what actions to take to protect themselves in the event of an emergency. The training is tailored to the disaster risks the school faces and the resources available to the school.

Developing a disaster education curriculum

The longer term goal of IDEP's school activities is to create a culture of disaster preparedness. By training all the children who pass through a school, and their teachers, IDEP can make a lasting difference in the way a community makes decisions, allocates resources and plans its growth.

Ultimately, IDEP aims to bring about this change throughout Bali and beyond. In order to accomplish this, IDEP has worked closely with a number of schools to develop an appropriate disaster preparedness curriculum that can be integrated into the broader education system. This involves training teachers to deliver the program, tailoring the program to suit the government curriculum, and developing ways of delivering it within the limited resources available in local schools.


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