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IDEP provides education about disaster risk reduction and the environment to children across Indonesia. Since 2000, IDEP has been developing and delivering innovative education directly to schools, as well as providing targeted training programs for teachers and partner organizations.

The goal of IDEP's school activities is to create a culture of environmental stewardship and disaster preparedness. By reaching all the children who pass through a school, and their teachers, IDEP can make a lasting difference in the way a community makes decisions, allocates resources, and plans its growth. To achieve this, IDEP uses an educational approach based on permaculture and 'Learnscapes'.

'Learnscapes' enables students to learn from the natural world in two ways:

  • Its educational methodology uses cycles and patterns inspired by nature, thus bringing the natural world into the classroom; and
  • It also creates unique and stimulating outdoor learning environments on school grounds, thus bringing the classroom out into the natural world

The activities used help students see learning as a whole-person activity; each area of study incorporates physical and practical activities so that pupils will have the opportunity to engage fully in the subject - with their head, heart, and hands.

This allows students to be immersed in an integrated learning experience, which will inspire them to learn more and practice what they learn in real life.

Components of 'Learnscapes' activities are:

  • School waste management activities - Separating waste for recycling and maintaining recycling systems, including making recycled paper, composting
  • School organic food and medicinal gardening - Organic gardening, including vegetable, medicinal and culturally relevant plants gardens
  • Creative educational art activities - Arts and crafts programs using local natural resources to make project reports
  • 'Disaster preparedness education' - Using puppetry, interactive media and games to teach disaster preparedness to children


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