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Oct 07

Bangli Prison Permaculture

IDEP Foundation in partnership with the Bangli State Prison in Bali, is teaching prison inmates the importance of a sustainable agriculture. In June 2010, IDEP built an organic permaculture site at the correction facility. IDEP offers ongoing trainings in gardening, seed saving, and other environmental issues to inmates.

This pioneer rehabilitative program in South East Asia teaches the inmates values of sustainability, teamwork, organizational skills, recycling, resource management, environmental awareness and nutrition.

Since the program's inception, over 74 inmates have been educated and have contributed into building and operating a 170 m2 Permaculture site that grows 15 kinds of organic vegetables. All produce grown at their site is used to feed the prison inmates themselves, improving their meals and overall health.

Additionally, Bangli state prisoners are now IDEP's main producer of organic seeds for sale to the community. So far, the program has been greatly successful and requires continuous support to make more of this happen.


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