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Oct 07

Restoring Natural Habitat

In the effort to decrease the deforestation and restore the natural habitat in Indonesia, IDEP has started a nationwide planting program, thanks to the support of PT HM Sampoerna Tbk and Philip Morris International.

Since June 2012, IDEP, with the cooperation of local communities has planted thousand of mangrove trees on the northern cost of East Java, and in the next months will carry on with the planting of productive trees in 6 other locations from West to East, from Sumatra as far as Sulawesi, for a total of 99.999 trees.

These seven critical lands distributed on the island of Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi are in need of protection, restoration and maintenance. On the other side, the community groups living in the surround area are in need of sustainable entrepreneurship development opportunities in line with the conservation of the surrounding habitat.

Local communities, in each of the identified areas, are not only involved in the planting activities but also empowered with community tree nursery development capacities, tree planting and maintenance skills as well as awareness about the importance of protecting and restoring the local habitat, in both costal and in-land areas, as a means to reduce natural disaster damage, such as tsunami, land slides and floods.


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