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Oct 07

Seed Saving and Sustainable Agriculture

IDEP project, “Seed saving and sustainable agriculture as a mean to reduce poverty in Bali” is just started!. This initiative will increase the successful cooperative work with local farmers started about a year ago in the district of Bangli, by adding 10 more farmers to IDEP’s network.

Thanks to this new grant, we have the support to full train local farmers at IDEP Training Centre on sustainable agriculture, waste management, organic food production, seed saving and more. Another step in the struggle against genetic modified seeds and poverty among local farming communities.

Moreover, IDEP trainers will empower farming communities with community gardens set up and development at their villages and, will give monitoring and assistance to ensure that organic principles will be applied in fruit and vegetables production as well in seed saving practice.
With this initiative we aim to reduce the dependency of farming communities from manufactures of GMO seeds and chemical agricultural products, as well as create a sustainable form of income for poor communities hidden away from the tourist sights of Bali.

Furthermore, IDEP will support the farmers by buying the newly produced seeds, market them nationally and organize a final organic fair at IDEP garden in Batuan for the beneficiaries of this program to display, promote and sell their organic product to the public.


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